I really appreciate your interest in working with me! I am beyond grateful to get to do this as a career and make a living creating art. However, since this is my livelihood there are a few things that I ask of you as a client by agreeing to these terms before and after we shoot. Thank you in advance! 

  1. You must sign a basic model release.
  2. You may not post unedited proofs from your proof gallery.
  3. Please credit me when you post, share, or submit photos. 
  4. You may not alter the photos in any way unless you have permission. This includes cropping, adding filters, or adding text. 
  5. You may not crop or edit out my logo. (This is against the law.)
  6. You may not sell your photos unless we have discussed proper payment.  
  7. You may not send your photos to 3rd parties such as apparel companies, nutrition sponsors, and/or other companies to use for their advertising, promos, website etc. unless we have arranged a commercial licensing. 
  8. You may send your photos to magazines and other print and online publications, however a photo credit (byline Audra Oden) must accompany any photos. 

It may seem like a lot, but if you have doubts or concerns just ask me! I am not here to ruin your day, I just need to protect my business and my brand. Photographers get a majority of their business from word of mouth or by people seeing their work. If there isn't a logo or credit this could mean a loss on a potential client. There are also times that work is taken and used under a false name or website. Having a logo on an image protects the creator. It also acts as the artist's signature! If you like the work you paid for then you should have no problem crediting your photographer, and keeping the artwork in it's orginal form. :)