Be Extra!

It's okay to go all out, heck if you are spending the money then do it right! Be a little extra and consider these add ons for your shoot. All of these can be added to any shoot, contact me for more info and exact pricing. 

Hair and Makeup

Hair and Makeup Service 

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! My hair and makeup team knows exactly how I light, and my style of photography. This is important when applying makeup because certain makeup can appear washed out and non-existent. My team is professional, and know how to work with all types of hair and skin. Air Brush makeup is available, as well as contouring. False eye lashes are always included. 

Starting at $185 for both

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 6.58.41 PM.png

Wardrobe Stylist

Have you ever wanted to just show up, and leave it up to the professionals to make you over? We have professional wardrobe stylists that can be added to your shoot to stay on set to make sure you look perfect from head to toe. Bring your own clothing or request a wardrobe pull (clothing will be brought for you.) Just tell us who or what you want to look like and we will do the rest! 

Staring at $200.



You have great pictures now, what are you supposed to do with them?! Let us create you an easy to use website with all of your best images, your story, and other acheivements you want to showcase. This is a great marketing tool to share with potential clients, or people looking to hire you for your services, or modeling skills! Whatever the case, we can customize it to show your personality and all you have to offer. 

Starting at $600.