What all is involved? I've never done a photoshoot! 

Don't worry! Most people have never done a professional photoshoot before. After you have booked your photo session, paid your deposit, and have sent me your information I will follow up with an email with details. These details will include wardrobe suggestions, a to-do list, and basic concepts for your shoot. A lot of people have a good time shopping for their outfits, accessories, and planning their shoot. If you ever have questions, or need an extra opinion you can always ask me! Before each photo session I look at everything you have brought and decide what I think will look best on camera, on you, and what will make the most sense as far as lighting and background choices. My makeup and hair team will also assist by deciding what look is best with the outfits you have brought. It is a team effort! We are here to help you in any way. Basic outline: Preparation, Hair and Makeup, Photoshoot, Proof Gallery, Final Edits. 

Do I need professional makeup?

Yes! I cannot stress this enough. If you are spending the time and money to do a professional photoshoot, then I highly recommend you getting your makeup done professionally. The quality of your images will be taken to another level, and I KNOW that you will be so pleased with the outcome. It really does make a difference in the photos! 

Do you have gym equipment and props at your studio?

I have basic things like dumbbells, a few plates, a barbell, jump ropes, kettle bells, workout bands, medicine balls, and a flat bench. I do not have things like pull up bars, workout machines, or heavy gym equipment in the studio. If you would like to bring additonal props that is totally fine! Things like ropes, chains, heavier dumbbells, or equipment that can be carried up a flight of stairs is welcome! 

Can I bring a friend, significant other, or coach? And can they take a few pictures with me?

You may bring someone with you for support as long as they will not distract you during the shoot. Often times when people have someone else directing and telling you what to do, it becomes confusing. I will help you with posing and direct you and don't want to compete with the sideline! If your friend would like to help you get dressed, help you with the nerves and/or boost your confidence then I say yes! Sometimes people find that they are more comfortable with just me and them in the studio. 

They are welcome to jump in one or 2 pictures, however if they would like to shoot as well there is a charge of an additional person. Please see photos sessions for more info.  

How long will the shoot last?

Hair and Makeup take 1.5 hours, and shoots take about 30 minutes per outfit. So depending on how many outfits you are doing, will depend on the time but usually they last from an hour to 2 hours. If you are a guy then the time goes a bit quicker, and minus the hair and makeup time! 

How soon will I see my pictures?

After our session, I will upload your images to an online, private proof gallery within 24 hours of our shoot. 

How soon will I get my final edits?

After you have emailed me with your final selections, it will take 2-3 weeks to get the final edits via Dropbox where you will download the digital files. If you need them sooner there is a rush fee of $75. 

What if I want more edits later?

I will save your images and your online gallery will be live for a year. If you decide you want more edits please email me with a list of the file numbers. There is a charge per image, which I will invoice you via PayPal. 

My sponsor wants to use my photographs, is that okay?

There is a licensing fee for all photographs used for commercial purposes. This means that if your sponsor uses your picture to promote their product, this makes it “commercial” because they are using it for profit. If you decide to purchase the licensing for a particular photo, you will then be able to send it to your sponsor for them to use. However, there will be a separate agreement and stipulations for that one photo that they will need to abide by. Note that it is also fairly expensive because it is being used for commercial purposes. Please send me an email if you plan on doing this and I will send you a quote. 

But I already paid for my session and photos, why do I have to pay more?

The money you paid for your session includes your session fee, my time, and your final edits. These images are for you and your own personal use only. Meaning you may display, print, post and share your pictures whenever, however, with whomever you want. However, when a third party becomes involved and wants to use your pictures, an agreement and written consent from me is mandatory, as well as a commercial usage fee. 

Can I do a shoot for my sponsor or another third party?

That is perfectly fine! We can set up a commercial shoot just like we do a personal shoot. The price will cover the session fee, my time, and your final edits. With these images you will have the rights to use them however you or sponsor needs. You may send them to your sponsor to use for ads, banners, posters, mailouts, etc. The price is higher because I am releasing rights of usage. I also have to assume that the pictures will be used for financial gain and profit by the third party and be used in many different outlets. Your sponsor can contact me directly to set up a shoot if they are the ones funding it. 

What all am I paying for?

The total amount listed covers planning your shoot, the actual session time, my expertise and time, editing and retouching, file handling and delivery, taxes, and credit card fees. If you are also paying for makeup and hair, or styling services then the appropriate amount goes to my team. 


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