A good headshot is like a good logo. It is important for your business, company, brand, and overall image. Don't miss out on great opportunities because you have a selfie on your LinkedIn Profile, or a badly lit shot on your business cards. Invest in a professional headshot session and get a high quality picture that you can use over and over again. Come in on your lunch break and we can knock it out! 





Want something a little more casual? Perhaps you are a personal trainer, nutritionist, blogger, or a creative. No need to put on a suit and tie if your business is not that formal. Go for a more modern approach with a white background, or other color. (Black, blue, red, yellow, peach, grey, or pink!) 


Need something within your workspace? Let's go on location! Perfect for interior designers, musicians, lawyers, or creatives.  (Rates are different from in studio sessions, please contact me for pricing.) 



You've got to show that you mean business...in a smiling way! Bring your suit jacket and dark colored tops and we will shoot on a grey background. If you need to match a certain look for a company website no problem! Great for realtors, lawyers, financial advisors, bankers, accountants, etc. 


Full Body 

Need a little bit more? Great for book authors, bloggers, speakers, etc. Show a little more personality with your clothing, and pose. 


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